Importance of Website Design and Development

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What is web design and development?

With the advent of new technologies, it is quite easy to miss valuable opportunities available. This situation is even worse when one does not have the expertise to take advantage of these changes. This is a scenario for businesses that have limited knowledge of website development and design. Before we get into the importance of proper web design and development, let's first define them.

Web design and development creates websites and applications that are easy to use, visually appealing and accessible for a wide range of devices. Web design user interface of website or application. It includes everything from layout, colors, graphics and images to website typography. A web developer will also create a sitemap for a website or app before it goes live.

Web development makes the website or app work in the first place. Includes scripts, server configuration, DBMS, and more. Web developers don't need to know about graphic design. Still, they need to understand how to create an intuitive user interface that responds to devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

According to the Digital 2019 report, the typical person spends 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day. The rise of the internet has revolutionized the way we live and communicate, leading most of us to live digital lives. This is now magnified as we live in a “new normal” due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where we are forced to rely more than ever on the Internet for entertainment, education, employment and livelihoods, among other things.

As everyone depends on the internet for their access to necessities and supplies (i.e. food, appliances, medicine, clothing and other products and services), website development has become more important to the success of any business. Website development is one way to ensure the success of your business by informing people about the products and services your business offers, getting to know your (potential) customers better, and understanding how to further improve your products and services.

Steps of the web development process
  1. Planning
  2. Design
  3. Implementation
  4. Testing and Deployment
  5. Maintenance
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How website design and development helps businesses make profits:

  1. Cost saving
  2. Unfortunately, many startups and large companies fail in their business because of low profits. And that despite high expectations from the investment made. Part of the failure is attributed to the involvement of poor business tactics such as sloppy web services.

    It is important that design and development of a website is much cost effective. By properly structuring the content, the webmaster will save a lot of costs in the development of the website. The cost saving aspect extends to the futuristic profits the website will bring to the business.

    In addition, the website shortens the distance traveled to reach customers. If one had to physically talk to potential customers, it would be resource intensive. This is where web services come in. Moreover, reducing these additional costs means that the business will gain more profit.

  3. Allowing ads on the website
  4. Business owners have had to face many advertisements broadcast on various websites. Well, this is one of the interesting ways that a business can attract more profit. Basically, the company will be approached by other businesses to run their ads on the website.

    As part of marketing and advertising, the hosting site will charge a certain amount for advertising. Subsequently, it is important to come up with a unique and reputable website. By focusing on this, the webmaster will place the website in the limelight.

    The big winners here are those whose websites attract more businesses and ads.

  5. Sales growth
  6. Web design and web development are the keys to a good website. A well-designed website will ensure your business grows and improves sales. Whether you want to learn how to build a website yourself or hire a professional, keep this factor in mind.

    Web design is the process of developing a website, including its user interface and its experience. Web development designs and codes the functional layout for your website to ensure it is compatible with all browsers, mobile devices and other devices that can access the website.

    A well-designed website will ensure your business grows and improves sales. You can do this by attracting more visitors to your site with good site design and web development practices such as using effective headlines that entice people to click on them.

  7. Well maintained consistency
  8. Web design and web development are two different areas of expertise. One is about how your website looks and the other is about how it works. These two fields are inextricably linked because a website that performs poorly will not have much traffic. Both web design and web development aim to ensure that your business remains consistent across all platforms.

  9. Brand authenticity
  10. A website is the first thing potential clients see about your business. It is a reflection of your company's identity and professionalism. The authenticity of your trade can make or break by the design and development of your website.

    Web design is about how a website looks, while web development is about its functionality. Web designers should remember that a good user experience can be achieved with a simple layout and design. In contrast, web developers should consider security features such as encryption and backup to keep data safe.

  11. Electronic business
  12. As mentioned earlier, pre-sales and services have moved from stores to online platforms. One of the important places online is the website. Take the example of Amazon, which managed to contribute 44 percent of total e-commerce sales in the United States. Additionally, Statista highlighted that the company managed to earn $108.35 million in 2017.

Want to know more about Website Design & Development?

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