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Fixamaze is a leading image retouching company offering professional photo editing and retouching services. We strive to deliver the quality photos to our customers around the world. Our professional photo retouching and photo editing services have earned us the trust of our customers. We provide services like image retouching, clipping path, image editing, e-commerce image retouch, apparel editing, image resize, and color correction among others.

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Photoshop Retouching Services

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Making Background White or Transparent

Enhance the quality of your photos with our exceptional image retouching services. We provide these services for a variety of purposes. Our image retouch services include skin texture improvement, shadow and marks removal, unwanted background removal/ background enhancement, adding the oomph factor, and enhancing other features of the image.

There are images with soft edges in small pixels and for such photos; we provide background removal with masking which ensures perfect results. For E-commerce editing requirements, we provide Photoshop ghost mannequin effects and mannequin image retouching services. These services impart a clean and professional look to your products. Our team makes use of high-end clipping tools to remove background from the image to bring the best results possible.

Making Background White or Transparent

Beautify fashion images by retouching life style photoshoot

Fashion photos have to be perfect, bright and eye-catchy. High-end fashion retouching services have been a big savior for all connected with fashion industry. Our fashion retouch services produce results that are destined to elevate your brand. These services make your commonplace images look amazingly professional and bright. With an extensive use of editing tools, we provide a high glamour effect to your fashion photos.

Our aim is to keep the image realistic and natural. We provide highly professional services including body retouching, smoothening cloth creases, cleaning skin moles, enhancing skin tone colors, body shape sculpting, skin smoothing, color saturation, and cleaning up backgrounds. Our editors have expertise in working on the raw image formats and deliver high-end results. We are the ultimate destination for all the photographers seeking professional and detailed finish to their images.

  • Removing moles.
  • Enhance skin tone.
  • Skin smoothing.
  • Cleaning up backgrounds.
Model Retouching

Correcting the Colors of the product and beautify them.

Photos keep your memories intact so that they can be cherished later. It is so common that while clicking pictures, the handling of camera or the light effect can ruin a picture. For those pictures, we offer our high quality and effective color correction services. This would not only just restore the old images but would also give a new life and look to the images.

  • Making colors bright and accurate as original product.
  • Remove unwanted reflection or dust.
  • Correcting product's defected edges.

Our team of editors work on the following aspects to color correction an image: sharpness correction, white balance correction, improving skin textures, removing unwanted objects, gloss finishing, and removing tattoos. Our professional photo editor's color correction services provide a consistent look and style to your images. Our photo editors follow the instructions of the client and work as per the requirements.

Color Correction

Retouch defected products and make them beautiful.

Pictures speak their story and so, here lies the crux of ecommerce industry. Also known as ecommerce photo editing, photo retouching services are meant to be detailed, bright and attention grabbing. At Fixamaze, we provide on-demand photo retouching services and optimize your photos to look good on the screen. To help you win your customers, we provide high quality photos in the least possible time and at affordable prices.

This service includes background removal, alignment, cropping, color matching and re-coloring, and custom retouching. Our team uses different high-end tools to produce desired results considering the high importance of shape, color, and texture. We are skilled to work on food images, advertising requirements and everything related to product purchasing.

  • Removing scratches over the product.
  • Create original shadow of the product.
  • Resize the images as per client's requirements.
Product Retouching

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